About Quick Singing Tips

Quick Singing Tips is New York Vocal Coaching's hit YouTube show that brings you singing exercises, vocal pedagogy, and more in a snappy series set all around (and under) New York City!

Each episode, New York Vocal Coaching founder and internationally-recognized voice teacher Justin Stoney answers your questions about singing and the voice at iconic NYC locations and lesser-known gems. It's the core belief of Justin Stoney and the New York Vocal Coaching staff that singing isn't only something that you're born with, but that EVERYBODY can learn to sing!

New York Vocal Coaching is home to a talented and dedicated staff of voice teachers who are committed to helping professional and beginning singers to achieve their vocal and personal best. Mr. Stoney and his staff have had the privilege of training thousands singers from over 60 countries. For more information on New York Vocal Coaching, please visit www.newyorkvocalcoaching.com.

Mr. Stoney and New York Vocal Coaching are committed not just to helping singers, but also to training aspiring and experienced Voice Teachers through the NYVC Voice Teacher Training & Certification Program. For more information on the Voice Teacher Training, please visit www.voiceteachertraining.com.

We hope that Quick Singing Tips can inspire, support, and encourage singers everywhere on their vocal journey. If you have any questions about singing or vocal technique, please feel free to e-mail us at questions@quicksingingtips.com. You will receive a response from our staff and your question will be taken into consideration for future episodes of our show. We look forward to hearing from you! Make A Joyful Noise!